Archives: April 2014

Bridge PDP Financing Completed by Aviation Finance Company

AFC Makes First Direct PDP Investment

DUBLIN, March 31, 2014 Aviation Finance Company Limited (AFC) announced its first direct investment in an large global airline PDP facility bridging a PDP facility in order to eliminate the need for a larger refinancing of short-term debt. “Our objective is always to facilitate transaction efficiency,” said Jon Blatt, head of Capital Markets for AFC. “Given the size of our balance sheet, we provide airlines with transactions between 100 and 400 million dollars with a lot more options at lower cost and speedy execution. We have a small team and a large appetite for investments in aircraft and operators,” said Douglas Brennan, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Aviation Finance Company Limited   AFC invests in aviation businesses, financing aircraft and infrastructure critical to the development of global transportation. AFC is a complementary partnership between highly successful aviation advisory firms, large investment managers and investment banks. AFC was founded with the view that the aviation industry requires permanent and dedicated capital for financing aircraft purchases. As a reliable investment partner and financial advisor to airlines and other operators, the company prides itself on a partnership business model to support the steady growth of the transportation sector.