Archives: May 2014

Aviation Finance Company Limited Closes Another Private EETC Facility

AFC Closes EETC at Lower Cost; Higher Yield to Investors

DUBLIN, May 14, 2014. Aviation Finance Company Limited (AFC) closed another privately structured EETC facility for a non-U.S. airline last week. The structure has 6 narrow-bodied aircraft, is privately rated and has two debt tranches. “We continue to see growing appetite for capital markets solutions for airlines and aircraft operators,” said Douglas Brennan, Aviation Finance Company Limited’s Chief Executive Officer. “I think our customers need less cumbersome structures and we work hard to simplify the process and the solution itself. Our EETC product gets to the same result as large public deals, but at a fraction of the cost as measured by money and management time. The savings that we achieve through our products translates into higher yields for us and our investors.”