About AFC

The customer focused team at AFC has a deep understanding of our client’s requirements in aviation and the world wide capital marketplace. Matching these needs are at the heart of our success in driving the best solutions in a timely manner. Our global experience in providing commercial finance solutions to airlines and owners and operators of aviation infrastructure gives AFC the strength and experience to provide appropriate advice and financing services so that you meet your objectives.


AFC specializes in providing PDP financing and facilities, customized finance leasing and secured financing, primarily to end-users of new commercial aircraft. We maintain deep relationships with debt capital market participants as well as with fixed income investors. Our services provide financial solutions for operating leases, single investor leases, equity portions of leveraged leases and sale and leaseback arrangements, as well as loans secured by equipment. We strive to provide financial solutions that help our clients meet their strategic and financial goals by providing the most effective financing options allowing you to own the assets your operate. Our aircraft financing clients represent major and regional airlines in both the United States and international markets.

About AFC

Corporate Advisory

AFC’s Corporate Advisory team continuously challenges itself to become more thoughtful about the aviation industry and specifically on corporate finance issues, particularly as we structure products for our clients.

The team includes professionals with various areas of expertise who, working together, serve clients on a broad array of topics including all aspects of aircraft leasing and ownership, financial structuring, aircraft selection, cargo and airport infrastructure, taxation, insurance and logistics.AFC’s professionals are based in 4 offices on four continents, and provide our clients a comprehensive approach to driving financial solutions for aviation businesses, no matter how complex or challenging.  Services include lease management, strategy consulting, business improvement, financial and operational consulting, M&A advisory work, equity and debt financing, equipment financing and structured investments.

About AFC

Aviation Investment Advisory

AFC provides objective financial insight and business support to third party investors, financial stakeholders, institutions and other decision makers planning to invest in the various segments of the aviation industry. Drawing on extensive experience in asset management, banking, financial advisory and aviation management, we aim to help investors maximize value while minimizing the risks of our dynamic industry.

About AFC

As aviation investment advisors, we advise and monitor capital investments in both the private and public sectors as well as advise on government contracts, airline route development, equipment selection and financial airline agreements.We advise financial investors buying and selling aviation assets. Our team will help you enhance the financial structures, advise on tax and help you navigate the numerous opportunities that the aviation industry offers. AFC works with you to develop new investment ideas that add value. We act in the best interests of all our clients, offering services and advice throughout the entire aviation investment process. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you.